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Social Distance

A Global Pandemic....

In 2020 when the novel COVID-19 virus began the world halted and was not prepared for the road ahead; causing the supply chain to break on a global scale and its repairing a long and difficult journey.  

By now, we are all used to going into stores and seeing low stock of products and shortages all around companies. The world has run short of many great products.

We have entered an era of becoming accustomed to long delivery times - where we cannot always buy toilet paper, curtains, or compromise with the color of a new car. 

Most importantly, throughout this pandemic our front line workers (doctors, firefighters, police, educators, store employees, and more) have had to suffer and endure without adequate protective equipment. 

The pandemic has unfortunately caused a major disruption of the global supply chain when it comes to manufacturing, transporting, and figuring out the logistics of getting goods from one place to another. 

At Evolve Generations:
We are Helping Stop the Spread

PPE Supplies
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